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Photo Manipulation

Sunset in Kamloops

Send me your old and tired images and I will bring them back to life. Photoshop software and add-on applications, plus years of experience enables me to improve a photograph in many ways. Click on the links below to see an example.

Send me you picture electronically minimum quality 200 dpi) and tell me what you want. I will quote and if you agree I will email you a PayPal invoice. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal account. When payment is received, I will proceed and send the electronically manipulated image back to you.

Enhance - Revitalizes a flat, faded, or unexcited image and gives it more depth, brilliance and oomph.

Restore - A treasured wedding portrait of your Grandparents has been water damaged, folded and ripped? I can rescue it.

Colourize - What would Uncle Joe, in his 1940 uniform have looked like in colour? Now you can find out. See also the optional Duotone.

Portrait - This process will improve skin tone, eyes, mouth and hair, and also removes blemishes you want gone.

Eliminate - You love the photo but something or someone should not be there. No problem - I'll remove it. Your friends will be none the wiser.

Mask - I can isolate any part of an image and place it in different surroundings of your choice.

Composition - When two or more pictures are combined by isolating part of one and adding it to another, the colour tone often does not match and the result is unacceptable. I will match all before combining them - they will look like one image.