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Commissioned Art

I have enjoyed completing many commissioned art projects for individuals and businesses. I categorize them into three groups; Logo Design, Fine Art and Art Projects.

For LOGO DESIGN or a complete corporate identity package, please go to my logo design page.

Commissioned FINE ART includes portraits and other art specially made for you. They are created in Corel Painter or Ultra Fractal. You will receive a beautiful 22 x 28 inch giclee print ready for framing. The original art will remain on my computer, additional prints can only be ordered by you, and I will need your approval to show your art on my web page.

ART PROJECTS include the following:

• Commemorative Wall

• Way-finding System

• Book Design

• Coin Design

• Birdseye Maps

and more...

Please contact me for further information,

a first free consultation and quote.

Hyper realistic Illustration
Commemorative Wall Design
Art Samples

This portrait shows the style of my art, often called hyper-realistic. I work mostly in black and white. This particular drawing has a fractal background.

Two commemorative walls designed for Thompson Valley University.